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Contact Molly to schedule classroom and library author visits, or talks to teacher, parent, and community groups.

Classroom Visits:

  • Stomper Hatches! (1 session; Pre-K to Grade 3) --  Stomper, Molly’s big shaggy bird-puppet, hatches from his huge egg and discovers the world. We ”hatch” into a new world each time we open a book.
  • How a Picture Book Comes to Be (1 or 2 sessions; Pre-K through Grade 3) -- Something in the Air is read. Students “interview” the author, asking about how the book was written. Author describes and illustrates the step-by-step process from idea to finished book, including steps in creating the artwork.
  • Reading & Writing Historical Fiction (2 to 4 sessions; Grades 4 to 12) -- The Choosing Tree and other historical novels illustrate combining creative imagination with research. Research sources and methods are investigated. Essential elements of fiction are identified. Each student researches a historical situation, plans a story around it, and writes the story’s opening.
  • Haiku: A Snapshot in Words (2 to 4 sessions; Grades 4 to 12) -- Students explore poetry forms and styles and how they relate to the cultures from which they come. Focus then is on Haiku and the culture of the Japanese people. Students learn steps to create a traditional Haiku and apply the method.
  • Creating Poetry the James Dickey Way (4 to 8 sessions; Grades 9 to 12) -- Each student moves from an imagined image to a finished poem via an approach similar to that taught by the late James Dickey. Forms and styles of poetry, the poets who write them, and their times and cultures are explored.
Workshops for Parents and Teachers:
  • Using fiction in Values Education -- How can fiction help young readers build strong, organically-grown values?
  • Using fiction in Social Studies -- How can fiction help young readers find a sense of belonging and rootedness in their world and a sense of responsibility for the world beyond themselves?
  • Using fiction in Counseling -- How can fiction  help students see their own lives more clearly and discover new possibilities and strengths?
  • Historical Fiction: A quadruple bonus -- Historical fiction brings all the fun and excitement of reading a good story, while at the same time enriching lives and learning in four important ways


IBBY 2012 International Book awards:

The International Board on Books for Young People has announced its 2012 list of  award winning international books for young readers.  Find the list at www.ibby.org


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