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Books are about the Power of Choice :

A building is made brick by brick. A life is made choice by choice. Every book opens a window onto a new world. We see new possibilities and new choices we never knew were there. We read, we write, to find those possibilities, to discover those choices, to take charge of our lives when things aren’t always the way we want them to be.

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WRITING FOR EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS RESOURCES: FIND YOUR PUBLISHER Study the website of ANY publisher before submitting a query or materials. A VERY helpful informational website to help you find the publisher that meets your writing interests is: evelynchristiensen.com/markets.html This wonderful website gives URLs and descriptions of scores of educational publishers who seek fiction, non-fiction, classroom materials, and testing materials. One organization of educational publishers is the American Book Publishers Association ABPAonliine.org This website lists websites of members. The websites describe the submission requirements and the kinds of manuscripts they publish. However, most educational publishers are not members.


IBBY 2012 International Book awards:

The International Board on Books for Young People has announced its 2012 list of  award winning international books for young readers.  Find the list at www.ibby.org


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