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Books are about the Power of Choice :

A building is made brick by brick. A life is made choice by choice. Every book opens a window onto a new world. We see new possibilities and new choices we never knew were there. We read, we write, to find those possibilities, to discover those choices, to take charge of our lives when things aren’t always the way we want them to be.

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  •  August 1:  Since  Molly's first non-fiction book for young adults, AIDS, was published in 2010  by Rosen Publishing, six others  for teen readers have followed.   They can be found is many middle school, high school, and public libraries.  Her non-fiction books include THE FIRST AMENDMENT,  HEALTH CARE FOR EVERYONE, 20TH CENTURY EDUCATION AND CAREERS, TOP TEN TIPS FOR PLANNING A CAREER, SEEING AND HEARING: KEEPING YOUR EYES AND EARS HEALTHY, and SLANDER AND LIBEL,  all published by Rosen.


  • February 12-15: Molly participated in the Editing for Writers Workhop at the Highlights for Children headquarters in  Honesdale, PA.
  • March 2-5:  As Writer in Residence, Molly had fun with the fourth graders at Meadowfield Elementary School, Columbia, SC.  In a week long program about How a Book Comes to Be, each student researched, wrote, and illustrated a page for their class's book about different types of animals.
  • February 28-March 3: Molly was Writer-in-Residence at Crosswell Elementary School, Easley, SC.  Students in Grades 4 & 5  explored  historical fiction and practiced the skills needed to write it.
  • July 18-19: Molly will attend the Harriette Austin Writers Conference at the University of Georgia, Athens GA.
  • September 6-10:  IBBY, the International Board on Books for Young People, held its semi annual conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.  In alternate years, USBBY holds a regional conference.  The 2009 conference will be held in Chicago in October, 2009.   www.ibby.org.      www.usbby.org.
  • September 20:   The 3rd annual Aiken Children's Book Festival will be held  at Aiken Technical College, Aiken, SC.  Over 40 authors, illustrators, and storytellers will be there to greet you.  www.aikenbookfestival.org
  • November 2–5:  Molly attended the regional IBBY conference in Tucson, AZ. IBBY is the International Board on Books for Young People. IBBY promotes the writing, publication, and dissemination of books for children and young adults in countries around the world. Learn about IBBY at www.ibby.org or at www.usbby.org (for the U.S. region.)

  • October 19–20: Molly participated in the annual Aiken Children’s Book Festival, Aiken, SC with other authors from around the state and region. Find out about the festival at www.aikenbookfestival.org.

  • August 31–October 4: Molly took a 5-week voyage on the 7-level freight container ship, CSAV Hamburgo, through the Panama Canal and down the western coast of South America.  Learn about the Hamburgo and other freighter ships at www.csav.com and at www.travltips.com .

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IBBY 2012 International Book awards:

The International Board on Books for Young People has announced its 2012 list of  award winning international books for young readers.  Find the list at www.ibby.org


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