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Most of the time Molly Jones is half buried in a pile of papers and books, with a computer running at her elbow.

Why would anyone want to write a book?

“I think we write and read for the same reason  --  to find connection,” she said. “Scientists who study human origins say that, wherever we live, we all came from the same ancestors.  We’re connected, they tell us. Yet we still feel like we’re swimming alone in a rip tide. A teen who is reading a Harry Potter book feels connected  --   they live Harry’s life along with him, and they also feel connected to millions of other teens who are reading the same book at the same."

Molly Jones

“When we write, instead of grabbing onto the connection another writer has made for us, we dig into our own imagination and whatever we can learn from research to create or discover a connection. Reading or writing, we connect because we sense in the characters those common things buried in us, too.”

Molly’s picture book, Something in the Air (illustrated by Sheila Kelly Welch) was published in 2005 by Our Child Press. Her 2006 historical novel for middle-graders, The Choosing Tree, was published by PublishAmerica.  Ten of her stories have been published in children’s magazines including Jack and Jill, Children’s Playmate, and Wee Wisdom.

Molly has always lived in the South Carolina midlands. She attended Dreher High School, and received MS and PhD degrees from USC. She taught high school math and graduate research courses, and was a statistician and data analyst in the state’s education and health agencies. She lives on Lake Murray, studies yoga, and enjoys sailing with friends. Currently she is researching and writing another historical novel.



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